Our Staff

The entire staff at Coverage Mail and News welcomes your comments and feedback. Each author can be contacted through the email that appears under his name or through our contact page. We guarantee our team response within 24 Hours.

Ginny Weasley

With several years in the medical field—both as a practitioner and an administrator—Ginny has a unique perspective on the health industries. From medical technology to cancer research, she covers our health industry. Email: [email protected]

Amanda Carano

Having developed startups for the better part of the last decade, Amanda now covers general news, politics and more stories with a business slant. Email: [email protected]

Amanda Keough

Once the head of a company, sold his business to spend time with family. Now mostly retired, she manages another small family business while keeping us current on what’s new in international business. Email: [email protected]

Amy Stone

Amy’s professional life has been mostly in hospitality, while studying international business in college. Of course, she now covers topics for us, mostly in the business, science and health fields. Email: [email protected]

Rony Jack

Jack focuses much of his writing career on genres like entertainment, technology, and sports instead. Now he contributes stories in these fields as a means to give that world new life. Email: [email protected]

Lora Wills

As a writer, Lora spends his days enlightening the youth of America on science and technology. After hours, though, he helps keep us up to date on how these things are progressing throughout the world. Email: [email protected]