Parents May File Lawsuits Over AP Testing Errors At Scripps Ranch High School

Parents May File Lawsuits Over AP Testing Errors At Scripps Ranch High School

A few guardians of understudies at Scripps Ranch High School may record claims over bungled AP Tests at the school.

The San Diego Unified School District says very nearly 900 tests were controlled disgracefully, and the College Board discredited their scores. That implies around 500 understudies should retake the tests to get kudos for them.

“It’s disheartening,” said Keren Stashower, whose child Noah should retake his AP brain research test.

“Individuals need to venture up and assume liability for their errors,” she told 10News, “not surrender this over to the children to put the vitality into it.”

In an email to 10News, a few guardians said they may document an order against the College Board to let the first test scores remain until the point that an examination is finished. They’re additionally examining a legal claim.

One parent, who made a request to stay unknown, composed of the fiscal viewpoint, saying: “My girl needs to retake the AP English test … the school she plans to go to would have acknowledged it set up of her taking an English Class. At about $1,300 per credit, that is genuine cash.”

The school region says understudies taking the tests were sitting excessively near one another and segments were placed in the middle of them. Both of those things are against AP testing rules. While the College Board found no proof of tricking, regardless they chose to discredit the tests.

Guardians feel it rebuffs the understudies for the school’s oversight, and they likewise guarantee that the school knew the set up disregarded the principles.

One parent revealed to 10News that the school had grumbled to the region for a considerable length of time about consistence issues, yet SD Unified did nothing to fathom it.

The guardians will raise these cases at a meeting at Marshall Middle School at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.


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