Suspected Gunman ‘Alexander Bonds’ in NYPD Officer Shooting in The Bronx Was on Parole

Suspected Gunman 'Alexander Bonds' in NYPD Officer Shooting Was on Parole

Experts have recognized the suspect in the deadly shooting of a NYPD officer as 34-year-old Alexander Bonds.

Bonds was on parole for a theft in Syracuse in May 2013.

He likewise had various other earlier captures, including an attack on a cop with knuckle reinforcements in Queens in 2001, experts said.

Police say Bonds opened fire in the Bronx early Wednesday, killing NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia as she sat in a versatile summon post.

Officers went up against Bonds about a square far from the scene.

He pulled a gun and police shot, striking and murdering him, as indicated by the NYPD.

Examiners say Bonds has already inhabited a destitute safe house on East 53rd Street, however he as of now lives in the Bronx with his sweetheart, detectives’ identity meeting.

They are additionally experiencing some online networking accepted to be associated with Bonds that is condemning of law requirement.

Bonds has up to six unique false names, and passes by both Alexander and John.

In a video posted on Facebook in September, the Bronx man fumed about the treatment of regular folks by officers and discussed how hard life was in a correctional facility.

“Try not to think each sibling, cousin, uncle you got that get murdered in prison is a direct result of a Blood or Crip or Latin King executing them. Nah, police be executing them and saying that a detainee slaughtered them,” he said in the video.

Beside the police tirade, Bonds’ Facebook page for the most part comprised of persuasive quotes and tests.

He was sent to state jail in 2006, discharged in 2013 on restrictive parole, and was required to make routine visits to a probation officer in the Bronx.


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